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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Very, Very Small

We watched a video in Sunday school today, and they showed pictures that spaceships has taken from outer space. One of the pictures was of rays of sunlight reflecting off of the space shuttle. There was a tiny little white speck, right in one of those beams of light. That teeny, tiny little speck... was earth. Man, talk about feeling small. It's like Horton Hears A Who. Do you remember how those Whos thought their world was so big, and there was nothing out past that planet they lived on? But their planet, that they thought was so big, was only a speck of dust in Horton's world. That's how small we are, compared to the rest of the universe. The universe seems infinite to our small human minds. Before all of the technology that we have now, people didn't realize that the universe even exsisted. They were like those Whos.
Now that you realize how small we are, think about this. The universe is millions of light years (that's the distance that light travels, at 186,000,000 miles a second, in a year. Do you realize how big that is?) across. It's so large that it seems infinite to us. But God holds the universe in the palm of his hand. Wow. He suddenly seems bigger than we ever imagined. Think about that again. Amazing, huh?
Here's something else that was amazing. There was a picture they showed of the center of the Whirlpool galaxy. In the very, very center, there's the center of that galaxy. The picture was of a blue circle, basically the nucleus of that galaxy. Guess what. It wasn't just a blue orb. In the middle of that blue circle, there's a picture. There's a black area, and it's so amazing. In the middle of that galaxy, so very far away from us, created before Jesus came to earth and died for us, there's a picture of the cross. If you look at it closely, you can almost see Jesus hanging there. It's so amazing. The universe just blows my mind sometimes. And it's all glorifying God. It's all out there saying "Hey! Look at me! Look at what God can do!"

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