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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Group Discussion 10-24-09

This week we are talking about movies. Any movies we would like to talk about. Here are the links to the rest of the group's blogs so you can see what they have to say :)

Okay, so I'm going to be a nerd and talk about The Lord of The Rings. Who would have thought? ;) These movies are some of my favorites because I really like fantasy stories. Bows and swords just seem really cool. I have nothing against guns, but these weapons just seem more courageous somehow. Maybe it's the fact that you have to get closer to your enemy to kill them. You can't hide behind anything if you want to get something done.
In these movies, Frodo has to take the ring to Mount Doom and destroy it. To me, this seems like life. Someone else messes up, and we have to fix things. God helps us get out of all the messes we find ourselves in.
But Frodo doesn't have to go alone. He has friends to help him, such as Samwise Gamgee. Sam helps Frodo throughout the entire story. Sam carries him when he can't go on, and he encourages him each step of the way as they travel. He never leaves Frodo, even when Frodo tries to run away. God does that for us, doesn't He? He helps us and guides us and doesn't give up on us. He carries us when we're weak.
There is a lot more that happens in the movie. All of it can teach us something if we really look at it.


Eldarwen Failariel said...

Great post, Ashley! I'll add it to mine asap! :)


Rachel B said...

I love your post, Ashley! It's so true!