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Friday, October 23, 2009

Quirky Thursday!

When it snows for the first time that year, you know a good hard snow, that covers the ground, what do YOU do?

The first time it snows, it had better be enough to play in, because I'm going to bug my mom until she lets me go outside :)
After I spend a day outside, I'm going to sit in the house the rest of the winter, wishing the snow would go away. Except I hope it snows on Christmas... it's too weird without it :P
Although it's kind of neat to look at snow while I'm in the church van at Teen Con :D

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Marissa said...

Thanks for joining in!
Yes that me. I love the first hard snow, and the rest can just go away! Totally agree. There HAS to be snow on christmas. It's to depressing without it.