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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Short Answers

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Where does popcorn come from?

R: Um. Bird Poop. Exploding bird poop. From the extreme heat of the desert.
J: Uh. Stores.
M: Corn kernels.

If you had to decide between eating brownies all day or going to the park all day, what would you choose?

R: Going to park.
J: Going to the park, because then I would throw up from eating too much brownies.
M: Which park?
Me: Just any park.
M: The park. Because I don't want to get sick. Because the park's more fun.

What’s your favorite movie and why?

R: Don't have one cuz I like them all.
J: I like all of them. I don't have a favorite.
M: Monsters vs. Aliens because it's awesome. Wait, no. Veggietales!!

What exactly is it that an author does?

R: Um. Uses a gallon of ink a day. Or something...
J: What's an author?
Somebody that writes books.
J: Oh. They poop their pants. (I'm sorry, that's what he said. That's my weird little brother for you :P)
M: Tired all day. From writing.

If you could look just like anybody, who would it be?

R: Me, myself and I. But not Michael Jackson.
J: Me, myself and I.
M: You. Without the pimples on your face. My big sister that loves me so much named Ashley.

Okay, nice answer, but did you have to mention my acne? I know I have zits, so stop telling me that. Anywho...

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