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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Facebook Status 11-21-09 XD

Sonia: "What was that sound? o.o" Elizabeth: "I think it was the sound of the fourth wall shattering"

Mom: No! It's the sound of Ashley losing her mind!

Me: hey, I didn't come up with that.

"The term also applies to the boundary between any fictional setting and its audience. When this boundary is "broken" (for example by an actor speaking to the audience directly through the camera in a television sitcom), it is called "breaking the fourth wall." This mostly is carried out by the character hinting that they are "aware" of the fact that they are in a TV show or movie" (

Friend (whose name will not be posted...): Losing? I think LOST would a better choice

Me: and I got the quote from a different site (
Scroll down to the one that says "The Melancholy of Kai"

Mostly I posted that quote because I almost did something like that in my story just now lol
My MC asked another character why she had to do something, and I haven't figured that part out yet. I almost made the character answer "I don't know, ask the author" but I decided not to.

Yes, I have lost my mind. lol
No, I don't actually think my fictional characters are actually real, if anyone is wondering lol

Mom: yes. I stand corrected. LOST

Me: XD

And for the record, my mom doesn't actually think I've literally lost my mind. I'm just silly. lol

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