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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short Answers

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What’s better, butter or cheese?

R: Peanut butter

M: Is it just plain butter?
So which is better?
Cream cheese.

J: Butter

How are donuts made?

R: Um... dough mixed with smashed nuts

M: They have this big hunk of chocolate creme, cover it with dough, cook it, eat it

R: I'm changing my answer to I don't know, but they're very good

J: Get a bagel, and cut it, then put powder on it

Why do the trees change colors in the fall?

R: So they can stay in fashion

M: God made 'em like that

J: *thinks for a long time* I don't know.

What do broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers all have in common?

R: I don't know. They're all vegetables, okay, fine.

M: They're all vegetables. Oh wait, they're all nasty.

J: Broccoli... Cucumbers? They're all vegetables...

What’s a tapestry?

R: No idea. That's my answer

M: What's that?
I'm asking you
I don't know. It's a stupid word that someone made up.

J: What?
What's a tapestry?
A dumb question.

And for the record, R isn't really a little kid, but his answers are still interesting.

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Abigail Kraft said...

lol! So funny. :D I loved all of the answers--I typically have a couple of favorites, but these were all classic. heehee. ^_^

Thanks for joining in! Hope you'll join again this week!