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Monday, November 16, 2009


Eldarwen tagged anyone who likes blue. Of course I like blue! It's my favorite color.

Sense and Sensibility vs. Pride and Prejudice?
no idea....

Elinore Dashwood vs. Elizabeth Bennet?

Dashwood vs. Jane Bennet?

The Lord of the Rings vs. Narnia?
ooh, that's a hard one.... but I guess LOTR

Aragorn vs Peter?
Um.... Peter, I guess.

Susan vs Arwen?
As much as I love Elves, I'm going to have to go with Susan

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers vs The Sound of Music?
Dangit, that's a hard one too.... Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Enchanted vs Narnia?
I've never seen Enchanted, and I'm sure Narnia would still win regardless.

Caspian vs Robert?
Caspian. Duh.

Giselle vs Lucy?
Who's Giselle? Lucy wins, of course.

Pirates of the Caribbean vs The Lord of the Rings?
You're kidding, right? LOTR FTW!!!

Will Turner vs Legolas?
You like hard questions, don't you. Grr.... Um... Will Turner, I guess. I don't know if I really have a preference.

Elizabeth Swann vs Eowyn?
Elizabeth. I never liked Eowyn a whole lot.

North and South vs Pride and Prejudice?

Mr. Thornton vs Mr. Darcy?

Margaret Hale vs Elizabeth Bennet?
Might help if I'd heard of them :P

Narnia vs Pirates of the Caribbean?
Narnia! duh!

Jack Sparrow vs Edmund?
Hmm, that's tough. I like Jack Sparrow (he's funny), but Edmund is... can't think of the word... cuter, I guess? Idk... I guess I'll pick Jack Sparrow.

Elizabeth Bennet vs Lucy?
Lucy. duh.

Emma vs Persuasion?
No idea...

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Rachel B said...

ooh... I have over 100 posts... but I don't know very many of the things that are being compared 'n all...

I ditto Jack Sparrow over Edward! :P

Ashley said...

I didn't know all of them either...

Haha, ANYONE beats Edward... Edmund made it a harder choice though lol

Anonymous said...

you need to watch pride and prejudice! its a super good movie