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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And I and reminded yet again that I'm a fantasy nerd...

So... sad story.... My brother was playing a LOTR gamecube game, and I was watching one fo the cutscenes. It was The Third Age, so most of the characters don't actually exist in Middle Earth anyway, but apparently whoever made the game thought it would be a brilliant idea to have one of the human men fall in love with the elf woman (thank goodness she knows it wouldn't work... I don't like that dude anyway)... so yeah, I started talking about how that's ridiculous and barely ever happens. A few minutes later I was talking out loud to myself about how hard it would be to kill a troll because they have such thick skin (or at least they seem like they do... maybe they don't and I've forgotten that part...). Then later I said that it was funny that the characters could survive so many attacks by the troll. I said it wasn't at all realistic.

After that last comment, the sentence replayed in my head and I realized... fantasy isn't realistic anyway. What am I talking about?

Yeah, I couldn't hide the fact I'm a fantasy nerd if I tried... good thing I don't care :P
Having made up an entire fantasy world that I write my own stories about doesn't help either...

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