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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yay for friends and weekends

Tonight I went over to church with one of my friends to help out with something at church. We do an Easter walk thing at our church every year, which is like a play about Christ's death and resurrection. It's outside, and groups of people go around to each spot and hear more of the story. I unfortunately have been unable to participate because we usually go to my grandpa's house, but I got to go through it once and watch it all, and it's really cool.
They were recording lines tonight (I'm assuming it was so that whoever was participating could listen to their part and learn it), and I got to do a few of those. Half the time my head was going "Alright Ashley, slow down. Pronounce everything clearly. You're talking too fast again. You're mumbling. Ashley..." lol, but it was fun.

Then we're going to go watch Tooth Fairy at the theaters on Saturday :D We were going to watch Alice in Wonderland, but my friend asked if I wanted to go someplace else instead and watch a different movie. She's driving, so I told her whatever she wanted to do was fine with me. So we're gonna see Tooth Fairy. My little sister may murder me if she finds out, because she's been wanting to watch it, but oh well I guess I won't tell her :P
I'm thinking about watching Alice in Wonderland when it comes out of DVD, still (yay Netflix ^_^). I'm not much on Disney movies (although I have seen the cartoon a couple times), and although I like Johnny Depp (as an actor... nothing creepy, I promise :P) I'm not much on Tim Burton's movies. But this one looks cool.

I'm sitting here listening to the radio now, just finished some Jell-o. :) Not really wanting to do schoolwork tomorrow, but oh well...
I'd kinda like to upload a video on here sometime, but if I taped what I planned, there's two problems. One, I can't upload videos because it's too big of a file, and Two, I suck at writing songs and I'm still not incredibly great at singing (but I'm getting there! :DDD) so I can't play/sing a song I've wrote... cuz said song does not exist :P I have a couple, but I'm not too happy with them so I need to work on a different one. And I don't really know how to write music anyway...

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