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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I hate this mood....

You know that mood where you laugh at everything, even if it's really childish and you don't actually want to laugh? Yeah... I love to laugh, but only when I choose to, or my friends do something goofy that I have no choice but to laugh at. But this... this is torture. I could never laugh and cry my eyes out at the same time if I tried. And my family seems to think it's funny. They say goofy things just to see my reaction. This doesn't happen extremely often (at least not to this extent), but when it does I just hope I'm by myself or around people who leave me alone... Or who at least try to make me laugh at stuff that I would normally laugh at, to try to get me in a better mood.
Don't get me wrong, I love my family... but sometimes they don't understand "please just shut up for a second" :P

The good thing about this mood is that, after I get away from whatever's making this worse, simple things make me happier again. Even if it's just somebody I've never even met saying hi. Or something like this. Haha, yeah...

Now if I could just find some caffeine (but dangit if all the soda in the house is caffeine free... maybe we have some coffee... although there's probably still awake people upstairs...) and talk to Jake or Rebeccah or Hannah, and forget about this evening, maybe I'll be back in my good mood.
I hate to ruin my good week :) lol This is the longest I've gone without a crappy day in a looooong time... I wanted to see how long I could go. So I've gotta cheer up somehow, and the next week should be good :)
Haha, that sounds like a challenge... I'm off to find something to drink...


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