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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer 2010 -- May 27

Let me just say I am never buying another tankini... I wore one last summer, and of course my stomach never tanned at all. Today I tanned a bit, and my arms and legs are tan, but not my stomach, because it's basically not had sunlight for two years. So now my stomach is an entire shade lighter than my arms and legs. Yeah... >_> It's not like people see my stomach, but the uneven tan is really annoying to me.
I will be fixing that this summer...


We had a BBQ at the park yesterday for the end of awana. It was pretty fun. They had a man come and talk to us for 30 minutes or so. It was pretty cool... I mean really, an 85-year-old man standing on a table preaching and doing yo-yo tricks? XDDD
Then some of my friends and I walked around the path that goes through/around the park. About halfway through, it started raining. My parents were ready to leave when we got back around. I think Dad thought we were insane for walking in the rain with no umbrellas xP
I actually enjoyed it though. Funny how I hate rain when I'm sitting at home, but it's pretty cool in the summer when I'm walking around with my friends.

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