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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer 2010 -- May 30

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am going to try to post something every day :D Hopefully have 100 more posts (or more) by the end of this summer.

First off... 27 followers? Thank you!!!! I love you guys! :) And thanks for the comments y'all have left lately.

We had a party --excuse me, luau-- at church this evening for the kids that are graduating this year. This morning we helped get the kabobs (raw teryaki chicken is sticky, by the way XD) ready to grill (well, some of us did anyway =P Tried to get Sarah and the guys besides Andrew to help, but nope...), then later this evening after Bible quiz practice and church we had the luau. Me and my friends ate then went outside for an hour or so. I wasn't very hungry, but I ate one of the kabobs (and stole one of the strawberries from Jake's plate... he shoulda expected it, though xP), and it was pretty good. We watched the boys throw the football for a little bit beside the church, then decided to walk around front before we got slammed in the head. (side note... do you know how scary it is to have a football whoosh just over your head two or three times? =P) Then they went to the front for a little while... while it would have been funny if they hit a car and made the airbag blow out (if that's even possible with a football...), it would have been bad =P
After we finished cleaning up, we went back outside for a bit and caught fireflies (and squished a few... glow-in-the-dark guts are cool!!! ^w^). Sam stole the beanbags and ran around the parking lot, so me and Rebeccah chased him for a few minutes. Why? I have no idea XD It's not like we were actually going to do anything if we caught him, so I don't know.... Anyhow, we left 20 minutes later or so. I thought about swimming when I got home, but I can't really swim by myself in the dark.
Unfortunately I forgot to grab the camera before I left, but whateva...

Does anyone find updates like this boring? Just wondered...

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