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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forget the whole "summer 2010" title things... =P

Bekah's post reminded me so much of myself. xD So many times, I've thought something was goofy, only to like it later.

Black nail polish? Thought it was ridiculous. Guess what, my nails are black as I type this.

Skinny jeans? Didn't think they'd look very good, since I'm not a size 3 anymore =P Turns out I love them

Christian metal? Found it annoying. Haha, check my playlist now.

Twilight? Looked stupid. Still does, but I'm thinking about watching the movies eventually, regardless.

See my point? lol I know, this was all totally random, and probably doesn't even scratch the surface, but I still found it interesting.



Rebeccah said...

as soon as you decide to watch Twilight, tell me and we'll get Molly, Jessie and Amanda together and have a party lol...... I might make you go see eclipse anyway...... :)

Haylie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! U crake me up chicky