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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don't normally do this, but since I'm bored {and love comments}...

If you are reading this, I hereby order {er, beg =3} you... leave a comment! =) Thank you!

I'll stop by and leave you an comment too.


I just noticed... 41 days and I'll have had this blog for a year. Seriously, already? Awesome. x)


So excited for Sunday. Church, for one thing; One of my friends is moving here; and we're staying the night at our youth pastor's house {if I understood correctly... knowing me, I probably didn't, but whateva =P} then going on our float trip in the morning. Whoo-hoo! *grins*


Only a couple weeks until camp!! =DDD Can't wait!


Hope everyone's having a lovely summer!! =)


Oh, how I wish I'd stop dropping my phone out of my pocket...

1 comment:

Paradox said...

I'm commenting.


(Ditto on the phone/pocket bit.)