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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can see myself being fat and half deaf at forty years of age... =P If I have a bad day, I just like to sit and blast music and eat some sort of sugary food until I'm hyper. I'm sure that'll turn out to be a lovely habit =P Isolation for a little bit helps as well, but apparently I spend too much time in my room.

On another note... I hate arguing. I really do. I really don't try to argue with people. But, with my siblings, I seem crabby to them sometimes, so they like to mouth me, and I answer them. Of course, then they continue to holler at me, and it seems like I'm arguing. And with some other people... I just get so tired of some things, that no matter how hard I try, it seems that everything that I say is in argument. I don't want to argue with them, and I know it's REALLY bad idea, but... I don't even know anymore. *sigh*
Anyhow... I will be listening to Anberlin and eating a sno-ball in about an hour =P

And you wanna know why I never talk to people about stuff I'm thinking? Because it ends up like this post! =P And then they tell me I need to get over it. Which doesn't help at all. Or they tell me I'm wrong, which I already know, and also makes things worse. So I usually try not to be down like this.

I did finish most of tomorrow's schoolwork today! ^_^ I'm really happy about that.

See? ^_^ Smiley faces! =) I'm in a good mood now! =D


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Anonymous said...

Yes, that sounds just like something I would like to do!!!!