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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes something will happen, and I feel like a complete freak for being homeschooled. I mean, really, high school is a normal part of life. And me? Oh yes. I'm awesome...
And the worst part is that this is one of those things you can never go back and do. Ever. This is something that happens once in your life, and once it's gone it's gone. Not that I have ANY wish whatsoever once I'm done with high school to look upon a textbook ever again. But you see what I'm saying?
And really. I have no reasons not to be "normal". I don't want to be "normal" in that I go off and do all this crap God wouldn't want me to. But it'd be nice to actually know what "normal" life is like for once, you know?

My reasons I gave before for having no wish to go to public school? I get to sleep in, I don't have to deal with people, I can work at my own pace, and I wouldn't miss out on things such as visiting family.
Oh but guess what now. I'll have to get out of the habit of sleeping so late eventually anyways, and that's life, you have to deal with people you dislike. We don't visit family much anymore, and if I needed something from town I'd be able to just go, next year. Working at my own pace? Cow poo. I'm so behind in math it isn't even funny XD I'm definitely not ahead like I used to be. Well, I'm done with Literature mostly, and spelling, but that's it. The rest I'm sort of behind, though no incredibly.

So you know what I want YOU to do? Give me reasons why I could not possibly want to go to public school. If I can't say I disagree, you have accomplished your task.
I can't find any reasons other than that it's not an option. So go. Now. Comment. Thank you. I love you all.

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