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Saturday, March 19, 2011

112. a clean room

113. instant messaging

114. Passion Magazine

115. Twitter

116. watching movies with my family

117. reading my Bible more often than usual

118. mail


Brittany Miller said...

Wow! we haven't talked in a while!

what's this that you're doing here? with all the numbers? :D

Ashley said...

Brit-Brit! =D I missed you!

Stuff I'm thankful for. I saw a couple other people doing it, and thought "Hey, that sounds like a good idea."

How have you been? :)

Brittany Miller said...

I've missed you too! =D

That's a really cool idea! X3 I've done something like that before - but instead it was in a composition notebook. Every night I would write a page about what I was thankful for. It actually worked =D making me more thankful for what I had.

I've been good! :D we moved, so we're settling in and stuff. Been busy with work since of this week, and just family stuff. X)
What about you? =D

Ashley said...

Ah, cool.

I've been doing pretty good... practicing on a song to play at church with a friend of mine, and I finally have a guitar amp. Mostly school otherwise. Bit of reading and writing.
Do you have AIM? Couldn't remember...

Brittany Miller said...

i have AIM but i never go on XD do you?

Ashley said...

haha, same here
I use Yahoo Messenger most of the time.

Brittany Miller said...

oh cool! same! =D i'm : ilovetheocean_05