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Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 Theme Challenge (2)

Short, not near enough setting or description, but... yes. I leave you to decide which random nameless person to side with.

Theme 2: Complicated

"Where is she?"
"She's gone..." He choked on the sorrow he never knew existed until now.
"You just left her there to die? How could you? This whole thing never really stood a chance, but why did you just run off? You were told to protect her at all costs, and--"
"Shut up, will you? It was either me or her. I had to."
"Oh, right, because that totally makes sense. Of all the selfish things to do! "
"Selfish? I make the single hardest decision of my life, and all you have to say in consolation is that it was selfish. I can't believe you!"
"Oh, quit your crying. Last I checked, it's pretty selfish to run off and leave a woman to die."
"And last I checked it was selfish to choose death and leave a woman alive to cry herself to sleep every night. Then she'd wake up in the morning and go through the day like the living dead, and wish it had been her so that she wouldn't have to be the one alive to live without the one person she loved." He took a deep breath. Looked at his companion with determination. "No. The only selfish thing I did was to leave that place, and not die there with her. I saved my own sorry life. And for what? To live with this?" He laughed half-heartedly. "I hardly call this selfish."

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