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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mega post of randomness.

...because I'm listening to Relient K.

...because yesterday, Holy Worlds turned 2.

...because I'm wearing yellow in reflection of my Marcher Lord status on said forum, and glitter on my yellow nails in celebration.

...because AWANA is tonight.

...because today, I am in a better mood than I have been in all week.

...because I'm (hopefully) baking cupcakes to bring to class later.

...because there's a brand new fence around the neighboring field.

...because I actually woke up earlier this morning, and convinced myself to get up and memorize more verses in Romans 4.

...because I dislike the new facebook layout.

...because today I taught my youngest brother a new word: "cowering"

...because I wanted to let you know that there are actually three sides to a coin:

...and because I really need no reason to post random things.

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