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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11.

Just watched a video of the news the day the planes hit.
It brought a fresh wave of emotion.
That unique feeling of anger mixed with tears that only this day brings about.
There's a country song that asks "Have You Forgotten?"
I listen to it from time to time.
I certainly haven't forgotten.

Watching that video...
I don't remember much about that day, because I was younger,
but I understood what happened.
Maybe not at first (I don't remember for certain), 
but as far back as I can remember
I knew something bad had happened.

Tears came to my eyes as I saw that second plane hit in that video.
It's unbelievable.
But it's terribly real.

I felt angry at people who thought they could just come in and kill us.

Finally had to leave because my interjecting comments during the videos weren't helping =P
It was a good opportunity for Mom to teach my younger siblings what happened and why we should remember.
It was a good opportunity for me to be freshly reminded.

And I'll just leave it at that before I launch into another round of comments.

We can't just forget about what happened.
People died that day.
Some sacrificed their lives.
Their families will never forget that.
We can't either.


Rebeccah said...

I remember seeing he second plane hit. Mom had the TV on and I came in the room just in time to see it fly across the screen and hit the second building. I wonder if this is how people felt after the attack on pearl harbor? Except when we went to war after that people knew why we were at war, to stop the Japanese and Nazi Germany. Now people don't seem to understand why we're still over there, they think if we leave them alone they'll leave us alone. But if we stop fighting them over there they will comer here.

Ashley said...

*nods* That was exactly where my comments were going before Mom told me to stop interrupting =P
If we don't fight back, they'll come attack us again. They and other countries will see that we aren't doing anything, and they'll think we can just be pushed around. Which is exactly where this country is heading, unfortunately.