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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whose idea was it for me to go to the library?!

...oh wait, that was me.
And we're going to ignore the fact that I have 3 more books on my desk waiting to be read now, all from the "children's" section.

See, my siblings claim they don't like reading, because there are no good books.
I fixed that problem. XD

Even in our tiny library we ended up with 15 books total, and I didn't even look past the children's section because I knew that number could get way too big, and I still have the Left Behind series to read.

I think Melissa and Jason have just been converted to the bookworm side. Granted, some of those books were comic books, but I think I have dragged them over into this reading thing just the same. ;D


The Director said...

I go to the library to grab two books on hold and one I know is in that I want to read and leave with eighteen plus a DVD. Not kidding. XD I go up to the librarian at the check out desk, plunk my books down and go, "I didn't mean to grab these many, I swear!" :P

Glad you got them reading!

Ashley said...

Haha. People do look at you a bit oddly when you come up with a huge stack, don't they? XD