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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Group Discussion 10-17-09

So the idea is that a group of us girls are going to post each Saturday about a topic we choose. Here are the links to the other girls' blogs, so you can see what they had to say about the subject:

This week, the topic is relationships. Now, usually when people say something about a relationship, you think of dating (or at least I usually do). But there's actually more. You have relationships with your family, your friends, and most importantly, God.
This is my opinion on the matter. I don't know for sure what the other girls have planned, so you should check out what they have to say as well.
Our relationship with our family is very important. We have to live with them every day, so why have a strained relationship? God tells us to honor our father and mother. This means that we should obey them whether we like it or not, unless it is a direct violation of God's law. When we honor our parents, they're happier with us, and they'll trust you more. Honoring them is actually beneficial to you as well.
We are also told to love our neighbors as ourselves. This doesn't just mean to love people that live in the house next door. It means that every person we come in contact with, be it our friends, our siblings, people at church, or random strangers, should be able to see God's love shining through us.
Our relationship with our friends should be good as well. If we're constantly being mean to them and ignoring them, then they won't want to be our friends anymore, right? If you aren't the kind of person people want to spend time with, they won't hang out with you. If you constantly spread rumors about them, and you can't be trusted, chance are they'll find new friends who act like friends.
Our relationship with God is probably the most important of all. Believe me, if you don't spend time with God each day, praying and reading the Bible, it'll really take a toll on you. Satan knows that when you're far from God, it'll be easy for him to get you to do what he wants. When you aren't grounded in His word, it's easy for you to be pulled into things that aren't good for you.
Well, this was a bit shorter than some of the others may be, but it's my first time, so.... hopefully I'll have more to say later! :P

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His Handmaidens said...

What a wonderful reminder and good perspective...I liked the length!