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Saturday, October 3, 2009


These are hilarious!!

Today, I used a Facebook application that told me the statistics about my friends. It said that 60% of my friends are female and 38% are male. I'm still wondering about that 2%. MLIA

Today, our school had a pep rally, and we were playing our rivals. One person from our school and one person from the other school came out, and started to 'fight.' I wasn't interested until they pulled our lightsabers and ripped off their shirts. I am now attending every single pep rally. MLIA

Today, I really really really wanted an iced tea. I went to the vending machine, put in my $1.40, and pressed the button for iced tea. It was sold out. Very upset, I decided the next best (but vastly inferior) choice was orange soda. I sighed, pressed the orange soda button, and out came an iced tea. I have a great feeling about today. MLIA

Today I wasn't sure if my roommate was home or not, so instead of knocking on his door, I signed on to aim to see if he was home. He was, we then proceeded to talk for 20 minutes and met in the kitchen for pie. MLIA

Today, in Science class, we were learning about what happens when an animal dies. Instead of making us read the passage in our textbooks, our teacher put on the clip of Mufasa telling Simba about the circle of life. After, she put on the soundtrack to The Lion King while we did worksheets. New favorite teacher. MLIA.

Today, in Honors English, my teacher told us all to use MLIA format. Everyone laughed. She meant to say MLA, but I'll still be starting my paper with "today," and concluding it with "MLIA." MLIA

The other day, I saw a sign on a store that said, "Win a FREE Ride in a Police Car just by shoplifting from this store." Good advertising tactics. MLIA

My little brother is a really poor typist, and my mother's been trying to teach him to improve his skills for nearly a year. Today, she gave up on him, so I decided to step in. I helped him make his own Facebook account, and in the past two hours he's been on it, his typing has increased by 12 WPM. Success. MLIA

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Bekah said...

Hahaha! Isn't MLIA HILARIOUS?!?