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Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNo Charries

Okay, now that Nicole was kind enough to untie me, I'll introduce my charries. And for those I may confuse, "charries" is short for "characters".

Nicole: Hi, I'm Turwaithel, and I'm wondering why Ashley decided to call me Nicole...

Me: Because that's your name...

Nicole: No it isn't. I'm an Elf, remember?

Me: Your spoiling the plot. You aren't supposed to know that yet.

Nicole: Oh. Oops.

Erynion: Hey. I'm Erynion. I'm an Elf too, and a darn handsome one at that.

Nicole: * mimics Erynion* And a darn self-centered one at that...

Me: Ssshhh. He'll figure it out eventually.

Nicole: Maybe he won't think he's so great if I scar his face up a little...

Me: Nicole! I don't want to hear any more of that. You'll have your chance later.

Nicole: I'll be reminding you of that later.

Me: I'm sure you will...

Rhovanion: I'm Rhovanion, as you can tell from reading this... And I'm a Dark Elf. But we're not evil like people think we are.

Erynion: Silence, you vile creature.

Nicole: Can I PLEASE hurt him?

Me: No.

Nicole: *ignores me and kicks Erynion in the shin* Don't say another word.

Me: I thought I said to stop fighting.

Nicole: You also said we never listen to you.

Erynion: That is true.

Nicole: Stop agreeing with me!

Me: *clears throat*

Nicole: *pulls out duct tape*

Me: You traitor! *gets mouth taped shut*

Nicole: Now that our author is tied up, will you please excuse me for a moment? *punches Erynion in face*

Rhovanion: Since when are you this violent?

Nicole: Who said I'm violent?

Rhovanion: You just punched him in the face for no reason. He has a right to talk, you know.

Erynion: He's right. It's a free country.

Nicole: I think I'm beginning to like this thing Ashley calls duct tape...

Erynion: You wouldn't do that, would you? You're kidding, right?

Nicole: No, of course I wouldn't. That would be too kind.

Rhovanion: I, uh, think I'll shut down this blog post before things get too violent.


Rachel B said...

*dies laughing*

That is awesome! I love it!

***Emily*** said...

*laughs* Nicole, you better untie Ashley!!!!! Or I will send my Shadow warriors to come get her!!