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Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNo Survival Kit

Yeah, I usually don't copy people, but I decided I'll make a list of stuff I'll be using for NaNo... everyone else is :P
Just kidding. Anywho...

1. God (where else am I going to get inspiration? And I can't do anything without Him anyway)
2. the laptop (no WAY am I writing this by hand)
3. my friends and family (Yay them. They get to listen to me ramble about how my charries won't cooperate... all month long! Aren't they lucky? ;) )
4. Facebook!! (Cuz you know EVERYONE wants to here how my Elves are rebelling :P)
5. Aaaand, that's it... My method is rather haphazard :P I let my charries do whatever they want as long as they listen to me enough that the story goes in the general direction I have planned out
6. I guess I should add my charries to this list. They can introduce themselves later. They're kind of hyped up on caffeine at the moment... which is funny, because I haven't had any caffeine today. And caffeine doesn't exist in their world... Hey guys, where did you get that? I told you that you aren't allowed to have any. *gets mouth duct taped shut* Mmfmmfff!

Hey, this is Turwaithel. Ashley is a bit tied up at the moment, so I'll finish her post for her. No, Erynion, you can't write anything right now! And stop trying--
Goodbye. I have to leave and restrain those two. I'll say hi later when Erynion isn't about to-- *grabs knife from Erynion*


***Emily*** said...

I added you as my friend on Nano!Goodluck!!!

Rachel B said...

ahaha! Your post cracked me up! I love it! I am now a follower of your blog! ;)

Oh, and by the way, you won the music shuffle thing on my blog and I gave you an award thing! :D