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Friday, October 30, 2009


Here are the answers to my music quiz:

1. Does anybody hear her - Casting Crowns
Correct answers - Eruanna

2. Every Man - Casting Crowns
Correct answers - Eruanna

3. All because of Jesus - Casting Crowns
Correct answers - Eruanna

4. You're gone - Diamond Rio
No one guessed this one

5. We Live - Superchic[k]
Correct answers - Eldarwin

6. The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman
Correct answers - Eruanna

7. Safe and Sound - Matthew West
Correct answers - Eldarwin

8. Legacy - Nicole Nordeman
No one got this one

9. Hungry - Kathryn Scott
No one got this one

10. Funky Town - Veggietales (I don't know who sings the original either :P)
Correct answers - Eldarwin, Eruanna

And no one got the rest:

10. Unchangeable - ZOEgirl

11. Stop The World - Matthew West

13. Raining on Sunday - Keith Urban

14. Fearless - Building 429

15. Can't Go On - Group 1 Crew

Good job, guys... er, girls :P
I'll do another of these later... maybe not Monday, though, because of NaNo.
Here's your award (you both can have it for trying if you want. Your choice :P):


Eldarwen Failariel said...

Ooh, it's a very pretty award! You don't mind me taking it?

Eldarwen Failariel said...

omigosh! You have the same mp3 and ear-phones as me!!!! Mine looks exactly like that, no different. Is your mp3 a Walkman Sony?!? Mine is red. What color is yours? My ear-phones are light blue. What color r yours??


Eruanna said...

Cool I will take it