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Saturday, November 28, 2009

100 Things About Me :D

1. I have short brown hair.

2. I have grey-blue eyes.

3. My favorite color is blue.

4. I have four fish, one cat, and one dog.

5. I love to deer and turkey hunt.

6. I love hanging out with my youth group, even if it's only guys.

7. I love staying up late, even all night.

8. My top four favorite bands are Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Kutless, and Philmont.

9. Other bands and singers I like are Anberlin, Flyleaf, Skillet, Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift (yeah, those last two really fit in :P)

10. I love music.

11. I can play piano and guitar.

12. I like manga (mostly Christian... it's hard to find any secular manga worth reading)

13. I LOVE God.

14. I am a forum moderator.

15. I write fantasy stories for fun.

16. I completed NaNoWriMo the first year I tried it.

17. I love reading.

18. My favorite genre of books is fantasy, but I'll read almost anything clean.

19. My favorite movies include LOTR, Narnia, and Veggietales.

20. I like taking pictures outside, especially sunsets.

21. I often dream about and pray for my future husband, even if I won't be marrying anyone for several more years.

22. I plan on getting a degree in multimedia when I go to college in a couple years.

23. I plan on graduating high school early.

24. I love doing things on the computer, whether photoshop, internet, or typing a story.

25. I also love to draw.

26. I am a very random person.

27. I am a loyal friend and try to always be there when someone needs something.

28. My favorite chocolate is Kit-Kat.

29. I am 5' 6"

30. My favorite genres of music are Christian rock, country, and some alternative.

31. I'm always willing to try something new (well, except drinking or smoking or drugs or something like that).

32. I'm a bit of a tomboy, but I can be girly if I want to.

33. I really do not like wearing skirts or dresses.

34. I will climb trees and rocks with boys, but I'm definitely a little more careful (or just chicken :P)

35. I never wear makeup.

36. I do not like Twilight.

37. I think screamo music is weird... that's taking rock music just a bit too far, IMO

38. I love to paint my nails.

39. I write articles for a web mag.

40. I love Converse or any shoes that look similar (I don't care if they're real Converse or not, they are still awesome).

41. I had braces for three years.

42. I do not have glasses (although I'm sure I will eventually because both of my parents have reading glasses).

43. I like to ride horses.

44. I DO NOT like mushrooms. Yuck.

45. I have a red electric guitar that I got for my birthday this year.

46. I am definitely a country girl at heart.

47. I would love to be in a professional band someday, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

48. I want to get married and maybe-probably have a couple kids someday (which is much more likely than the band thing :P)

49. This looks so much easier than it actually is... hmm.... oh, I've never had a boyfriend.

50. I don't plan on dating until I'm 17.

51. I love summer.

52. I like reading blogs.

53. I have three younger brothers and one younger sister.

54. I like pizza :D

55. I also like chocolate.

56. Tomato and basil crackers are good. And tomato and basil cream cheese on wheat bagels.

57. I don't really like skinny jeans (they look okay on some people, but I probably won't ever wear them).

58. I own a pair of neon orange leggings.

59. I actually wore said leggings in public. In front of everyone at church camp (it was part of my outfit that I wore for Bible Quiz. Our whole team had similar outfits).

60. I haven't worn those leggings since XD

61. I always pick truth over dare, because even though truth may be scary at times (although I don't really mind anymore), dares are crazy.

62. I don't like being the center of attention.

63. I love the 4th of July.

64. I love playing basketball, especially with my friends.

65. The smell of cold cooked spinach makes me gag and nearly puke.

66. There are very few things that gross me out.

67. I've never passed out, although I came close once when I sliced the end of my finger with a craft knife while working on my model car. It bled quite a bit.

68. I love cookies.

69. I also like cherry cobbler.

70. I haven't seen most of my cousins in a loooooong time. I saw two of them this year, but it's still been a long time. I rather miss them....

71. I haven't watched an anime (yet ;)

72. I think the original Pokemon are cute, but the newer ones aren't.

73. I think playdough is full of win ^_^

74. I have never read Harry Potter, Eragon, or Twilight.

75. I have however, read most of Tolkien's books (I think).

76. I think it would be cool to live on a farm someday.

77. I love paint splatters, plaid, and neon colors.

78. I'm homeschooled.

79. I've never even been inside a public school for any reason (summer school sounds interesting, though... although I wouldn't want to be there year round)

80. I've been sitting here for an hour typing this :P

81. I find it funny when so many songs sing about California, and it sounds cool, but I wouldn't want to live there.

82. I'm a Republican. *nods* That explains my last comment XP

83. I have worn boy's clothes before (It's all stuff I own... it's not my fault I can't find any shorts that are long enough. I'm probably going to get a few comments about this XD).

84. I tend to wait until the last minute (sometimes almost literally) to enter contests.

85. I have quite a few trophies from Awana stuff.

86. I played t-ball one year, and I'll probably play softball on my church's team next spring.

87. I don't think I'd want to move far away from my family, but I often wonder what it would be like to live in a different state after I'm married.

88. None of my family lives out of state except two or three cousins.

89. I like going to the zoo sometimes.

90. I have written two songs and at least 5 poems.

91. I have a bad habit of biting the inside of my mouth if I'm not chewing gum.

92. Some days I chew a ridiculous amount of gum.

93. I hate when people seem to think I think I know everything.

94. I also hate when people think I'm just a little kid that doesn't know anything.

95. I'm very easygoing and can take insults without getting mad at the person.

96. I'm running out of ideas here :P

97. I can't skateboard, but I want to learn how eventually.

98. I usually stay up too late (like until midnight)

99. I often work ahead in school.

100. I'm done!!

Whew, that took a while. Much harder than it looks. Thanks for reading if you made it all of the way through.

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Eruanna said...

Cool! I read them all!!