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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Discussions Abound 11-28-09

Here are the links to the other girls' blogs (and yes, they might not post a discussion each week, but I'll forget to come back and link up the ones that did, so I'll just post links to all of their blogs):

This week it was a tie between children and apparel for our discussion topic, so we're just picking which topic we want to talk about. I chose to talk about apparel.
The media tells us that we have to wear certain clothes to be accepted. They say if we don't wear the right clothes, we won't fit in. But do you really think that's true? We won't always fit in just because we wear the right clothes, and we won't always be left out because we don't. The world tells us all kinds of things that aren't necessarily true. Material things can't give us true happiness.

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