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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Middle Earth Daybook: Week 1

Today... November 25, 2009

Time... 12:48 PM

I am wearing... black gym shorts and a yellow t-shirt

I am thankful for... my friends and family

A song I currently have stuck in my head... I Can't Stand To Fall by Philmont

A book I am currently reading... Deception by Randy Alcorn

One interesting fact about me... I love to write

A line from one of my favorite movies... "What's the Elven word for friend?" Frodo -- LOTR

On thing I look forward to this week... Thanksgiving

What I was doing before I got online... schoolwork

A picture I'd like for y'all to see...

(I drew it myself :)

Ending time... 12:54 PM


Eldarwen Failariel said...

Ooh, another person doing it! =D I haven't dont mine in FOREVER!!!

Nahla said...

Great job on the picture!