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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NaNo: Finished!!

Okay, now that it's not 1 AM, I'll write a longer post.

This month, I wrote a story. I actually finished a story for once. 50,000 words. About halfway through, that started seeming like a lot of words, and I wondered if I'd have enough plot and energy to make it that long. But nearing the end, the words cam faster, and it was awesome to finally write the epilogue and know I finally finished a story. A couple days ago, I didn't even know how the story would end, but I figured out an ending just as I reached 50,000 words. My story was just long enough to finish without having to stuff a lot of extra words in there just to get to 50K.
I made up a new race, learned a bit more about making believable characters (although I don't know if I actually accomplished that in my story :P), started working on a new world (which I'll write more stories about in the future), stayed up late at night (not that I mind... I rather enjoyed that part), and wrote 50K and finished a story. And my sanity is still intact... well, what little bit I had to begin with :P
I will definitely be doing this next year, and I've already got an idea for another story that I'll probably start working on as soon as I edit this one.
Maybe I'll post some of it on this blog, I don't know. Getting it published some day would be awesome, but there's two problems. One, I doubt that's going to happen anyway, and two, my story might just be 190 pages of crap that no one wants to read. lol
But regardless of how bad it might be, I'm still glad I finished and I'm getting ready to save it on my zip drive right now so I'll have it later.

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Rachel B said...

That's awesome! You finished early, too. Last year, I finished on the last day with 50,000 words, but my story was no where near finished. :P