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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gym Night

I went to open gym night again tonight. I had a lot of fun. We played volleyball and soccer this time, instead of just volleyball. I'm getting a bit better at volleyball, slowly.
Soccer was good exercise. It was funny when me and some guy from the other team were kicking the ball and it ended up against the wall (we didn't play with boundary lines, we just let the ball bounce off the walls) and wouldn't go anywhere. It just kept bouncing up and down because every time one of use would kick it, the other person's foot was right there and the ball wouldn't go anywhere. It finally bumped my hand and the referee (or whatever you'd call him :P The guy making the rules) called a penalty and moved the ball back in the middle.
I got slammed in the face with the soccer ball once. I didn't see if for a second, for some reason, and next thing I know I feel something hit me in the face and heard a loud pop. The ball moved away from my head and a guy from my youth group had this Oh-my-gosh-I-just-hit-her-in-the-face look. Everybody stopped and asked if I was okay. I'm like yeah, I'm fine, now where's the ball. I didn't really even feel the ball. It just burned for a second after the ball left my face, and that was it. I think he felt bad though, although it really wasn't his fault. I could have moved, but the ball was going back and forth so fast I somehow didn't see it for a second.
We played volleyball after the soccer game was over for an hour before we went home. I actually managed to hit it pretty good a couple times.

I had a pretty good time, and got some exercise. I hope we can keep doing this for a while.

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