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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffeeeeeee 8D

Can someone please tell me why I just drank two 12-oz cups of coffee? I don't even usually drink coffee, and this was decaf, so obviously caffeine wasn't a factor.

On another note, I have lately felt like eating healthier and exercising more. I have no idea why. Although it would be nice if I didn't gain any more weight.... I'm not overweight by any means, but I definitely don't want to gain any weight either :P At least not any more than is necessary... if I'm still going to get taller I guess I'd understand if I gained a bit more weight, but otherwise I don't want to :P
Maybe if/when my muscles get toned they won't feel like excess fat so much :P I don't really have any fat, but my muscles are so flabby it might as well be fat lol

Where did all of that come from anyway? XD I don't even really care about my weight or whatever that much. Ah well, I'll just blame it on the coffee.... lol

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Jackson said...

That was all really random.

I made the silly decision to drink a large cup of dark coffee at church this morning, when I come off the caffeine tomorrow afternoon I'll have a head ache to die for (of?). :P

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