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Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you haven't heard Hero by Skillet, you definitely need to. Unless you just have an aversion to rock music, for some reason. I know not all people like that kind of music, whether the band is Christian or not.
Just a warning, it is amazing, and it must be played at a very loud volume. If it comes on the radio at 11 PM while your family is asleep, it will be pure torture, if you fully appreciate this song. Believe me, I know... headphones are an awesome thing, even if they do amplify the static of a radio station.
It's much better if it isn't on the radio, unless you have a clear signal.

And that is my random post for the night :)
If you didn't guess, it just came on the radio, and I happen to love it.

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***Emily*** said...

I love Hero by Skillet! I have it on my playlist... I agree it is a song you must blast.

In Christ,

Paradox said...

That's pretty much one of my favorite songs. Glad some other people like it! =D