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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Proof that songs aren't realistic (or at least not around here)

So there's this country song called Backwoods that I rather like (I can't remember who sings it though), and the first line says "Rifle in a gun rack, hanging in the back glass". But you know, if you put a rifle in the back glass of your pick-up around here, that's just asking for people to break into your truck and steal it. Maybe there's towns where you know your gun is safe, but not around here, I'm sure :P
Either that or you'll be driving through a state park or something during deer season, and the ranger (or whatever you would call them) pulls you over and tells you that all guns are supposed to be behind the back seat where you can't get to them out and shoot animals from out the window of your truck. I speak from experience, here XD

And if a blue-ticked coon hound barks constantly like our squirrel dog does, I think I'll pass :P

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