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Friday, March 19, 2010

Post of randomness.... what's new? XD

I felt like posting something, but I actually have nothing to say XD

Wednesday was pretty awesome. The day wasn't too bad, and then I got to hang out at church with my friends for a couple hours that evening.
I finally changed the strings on my guitar Wednesday, but found that one of the bridge pins was cracked, so I got new ones yesterday. Although then I realized that I was missing one of the strings, despite having two packs of strings. They were open, but I still thought that when I checked I had all the strings I needed... I blame my brother for breaking the string too many times while tuning it a couple years when he actually played guitar :P Soooooooo I have to wait until tomorrow, and hopefully I can get some more strings then.

It's really nice outside. Makes me want to have a bunch of friends over and hang out one of these weekends... Hmmm... Maybe I'll have to mention that to my mom :P I don't remember what we have scheduled.

I loves my friends :D

Turkey season is in a few weeks!! :D I'm so excited. I love turkey hunting.

Wellllll I think that's all I had to say :P

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