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Friday, March 5, 2010

You know what?

Lots of girls seem to think guys are annoying, but sometimes I think guys are the normal ones. They're the real ones. Girls are the ones with issues.

I mean come on... guys don't constantly obsess over their looks like some girls do, and they create much less drama. Guys don't gossip like some girls do. Etc. (meaning my mind is going blank... that's what i get for blogging at almost midnight xP)

So, if any guys are reading this (probably not, but I'll say this anyway), thanks. All you Christian guys who respect others and keep things real... you're pretty awesome.

Maybe when I'm not half asleep I'll write a decent post thanking y'all, but at the moment whatever I type is just going to be a bunch of crud. Anyhow, there's my random thought for the night... g'night, all.

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Seth Skogerboe said...

Finally, you admit defeat! Nah, just kidding. :D Yeah, I'm a Christian guy who reads your blog, and I ENJOY it!

Jackson said...

Well, thank's for the general compliment to our gender. But really, we're not that great. Out faults just may not be as obvious, at least to a girl. ;)