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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just got back from watching Alice in Wonderland :D It was pretty good, and I had fun. Looking through 3D glasses is kinda odd, but it was still cool. I found it funny that I would blink every once in a while if something seemed to come off the screen... I mean really, I already know it's coming. lol
Now I'm kind of wondering if I need to go to bed or not since I have church in the morning... although I probably won't :P I kinda feel like working on a song, but I'd only be able to do the lyrics right now... I'm kind of afraid to see what it'll sound like when I'm fully awake :P Sometimes stuff that sounds good when I write it sounds like crud the next morning xP

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Eldarwen said...

Did you know that Owl City's song 'Technicolor' plays in that movie?? I received his newsletter (by e-mail) and it said that he was honored to have his song featured in the new Alice In Wonderland. Wait... you are talking about the new one, right? With Johnny Depp?