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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party Time!

First off, that title is embrassingly cheesy xP

I can't believe Jake and Rebeccah graduate(d) this year! They were about 11 or 12 when I met them. It's crazy.

I went to the ladies' banquet at church tonight. It was really fun. My friends are hilarious XD
Molly told the ladies as they came in not to go downstairs yet, and I said something about there were weird creatures down there and they were still trying to get them out of the way (yes, my make-up-a-story-on-the-spot skillz are really bad... I've only managed a good quick story once. The rest is crud =P), and Molly said they kind of looked at me like I was insane. I said "Yeah, they probably have a right to." XDDDDD

And Awel Prince is having a blog party :D Here's the tag:

1) What's your all time favourite blog/blogger?
Hmmm... pretty much any of the blogs I follow are awesome. Check out the list of links on my sidebar and see for yourself :)

2) How do you personally define forgiveness?
Not holding a grudge against someone... letting go of what they've done to you... moving on with life. It doesn't necessarily mean that things are the same as before, but you aren't as mad at them.

3) What object of your possession has the most sentimental value in your eyes?
Hmm... probably stuff from my Grandma, since she died several years ago. But lots of things mean a lot to me (which is probably why I haven't burned my diaries from when I was about 9, as much as I want to sometimes =P)

4) What song do you consider your personal theme song?
Hmm... there's a few that might work, I guess.
The first chorus of I'm Not Who I Was by Brandon Heath applies, in a way. Get Back Up by Toby Mac, maybe one or two songs by Taylor Swift.... aaaaand I'll have to get back to you on that one because my brothers want me to hurry up so I can play a board game with them.

5) Do the opinions of others about you really matter to you?
Not entirely. It depends on the person.

6) Do you ever make up words?

7) Off the top of your head, do you know what your middle name means? (You can look it up though! :)
No, I don't. I'm pretty sure I couldn't find it last time I tried to look it up.

8) What's something that never fails to make you smile?
Molly, Sarah, Rebeccah, Jake, Jessica, Hannah, and all the rest of my friends that I didn't name (like I said, trying to hurry up...)

9) What person has touched your heart the most?
Pretty much all of my friends and family

10) Give a scene in a book where you really understood what the author was trying to convey.
Erm... not sure

11) What do you think of HTML? Is it the ENEMY or your friend?
Best inanimate friend ever! lol, not really, but close

12) What person comments the most consistently on your blog?
It's probably about even... I'm not sure really.

13) Who is your personal hero/heroine (fiction or real, or both) ? Why?
Jesus Christ. 'Nuff said.

14) Are you curious or are you satisfied knowing that "that's just the way it is"?
You're kidding, right? :P I always want to know why things are the way they are. "That's just the way it is" doesn't even cut it. Not even close.

15) List the your top 5 favorite songs. Do they have anything in common? Why do you love them?

Hero - Skillet
Getting Into You - Relient K
The Difference - Philmont
Alive - Hawk Nelson
Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet - Relient K

Hmm... the only thing every one of these songs have in common is that they are Christian and the bands are amazing. Other than that, they're slightly different.

16) Do you ever get into arguments with...your characters? (that's if you write a book :). And if you don't write, do you think you would?
Heck yeah. lol I'll have to link to last year's NaNoWriMo posts later =P

17) While reading a book or watching a movie, were you ever blown away by an unexpected plot twist? What was it and how did you react?
Very few plots have twists I don't at least subconsciously catch, and if they do they're usually twists that I hate. But it's still really awesome =D

18) What's your personal opinion of i-designs? (orignal, I know, but I really want to know! :)
Really cool :)

19) What's your favourite color combinations?
Blue and green, black and neon colors

20) What's your favourite comic book series?
Manga! lol Kingdom Hearts, Game Plan, and Heaven bound (although Heaven Bound was canceled after the first volume)

21) What is the oldest book you've read? How old was it? (By old, I mean, like antique books...the manuscript doesn't have to be old, just the copy of it. :)
The Bible :D As for the actual copy... not sure.

22) What character in any movie or book, would you say is the MOST like you?
Grr, I actually had an idea for this the other day, but I forgot it >_>

23) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Maybe not so annoying :P

24) As a child, what was one thing that always frightened you? This could be something real or imagined! :)
Looking out windows at night.

25) What's your life motto?
Hmm... I'll have to throw something together right now, honestly.

Never let life get you down. Stay postive and things always get better. Have faith and pray always.

26) As you're sitting in café, you're given a note: "It's in your best interests to meet me at 7 P.M. tonight, alone, at Pine and 4th." How would you react?
I wouldn't. Especially if it was a guy. If I didn't know the person, I would stay far away from Pine and 4th.

27) Name seven of your favourite books.
The Last Disciple
The Last Sacrifice
Fuse Of Armageddon
The Bible
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

28) Name your absolutle favourite font (you can have more than one though)!
Inathicity (sp?) is cool. And Bradley Handwriting (I think that's what it's called?) and Papryus. And Comic Sans, simply because I use it for manga/webcomic text. A favorite, though? Idk.

29) Have you ever cried over...a book or a movie?
Once in a very great while I do.

30) What's something that's brought you so much comfort?
Love. In it's many forms (although not romantic love... I'm too young for that :P)

31) Describe what you would call a perfect moment.
Every day is perfect in it's own way, because it's part of God's plan :)

32) What's the fastest you've ever read?

33) What's your favorite book/movie genre?
It used to be fantasy, but I'm not sure any more

34) Do you say one word a lot just because of the way it sounds? If so, what's the word?

35) What's something you thought you'd hate, but ended up loving?
some foods, mainly

36)Do you prefer British or American spellings of words (ex: the British favourite to the American favorite)

37) List a few of your favourite names.
Hmm... Riley, Jake, Grace, Haley, Heather... idk, I don't think about names :P

38) What is your favourite movie?
not sure

39) Imagine you're writing a story, and one of your characters keeps something buried in a box where no one will find it. What's in the box and what's its significance?
Most likely a strange stone or an old diary. The stone is probably magicial, and the diary contains old secrets that affect the world (but I wouldn't know why until the character revealed why :P)

40) Was this boring? (be honest! :)
Not really, although it would have been even more fun if my brothers weren't nagging me =P

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