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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer 2010 -- June 12

Yesterday was Molly's b-day (Happy Birthday, Molly!!), so I spent the night at her house along with some other friends. We went to the theater to watch Karate Kid, then came back and gathered up a few things to take across the parking lot to the church. After plugging up Rebeccah's iPod, we spent the next five hours playing flashlight tag =P It was pretty fun, although I'll probably be sore and tired tomorrow. I twisted my ankle a bit once (or I guess that's what you'd call it), but other than that I actually didn't get hurt for once :P. But we did end up running quite a bit... we all got tired of sitting in one place trying to hide so we started running in circles away from the person with the flashlight instead.

We finally went to bed at 5 this morning, then I woke up at 8:30. After the other girls woke up we watched a couple movies and ate lunch, then it was time for me to go. So far I'm not extremely tired, but I doubt I'll stay up as late as normal.

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Haylie said...

Sounds like ur having fun =D