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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer 2010 -- June 3

Well, I said I would post every day, but I actually don't have anythign to say every day :P Not to mention I won't be able to post during camp either. Sooo that idea's out :P

Grr. Thanks to status shuffle, I feel like a creep now >_> lol
Not that that means I'm going to stop poking people on facebook or anything, but anyhow....

We had a VBS meeting yesterday to hang up posters and stuff (VBS starts Sunday!! YAY! x), and when we got done, me and Rebeccah, Jessica, and Jake decided to have a war with the pool noodles that were sitting in a corner. That was completely epic xD
Brad (not our youth pastor... a different Brad) finally just took all the pool noodles and what was in the box and moved them into a different room :P So we walked outside for a while instead. We actually did tell the few 10-year-old kids running around that it wasn't safe to come around to the side of the building where we were and that they really shouldn't be watching us because we weren't being such a great example at the moment :P
No, we aren't usually a bad example to the younger kids. I was being a normal teenager and enjoying life. Don't get mad at me. lol (and it's not like we were doing anything horrible anyway)

Rebeccah is coming over today! x) Her and her family are all going to go swimming. Should be pretty fun. And maybe I'll get some more pictures ^w^ I'm going to see how many pictures I can take this summer. I'm considering taking my camera (oooor maybe my sister's camera, if she lets me... it holds more pictures and it's smaller) to church camp, too.

Well, I'm off to draw a picture or two and try to figure out a couple outfits for VBS. I'll try to post some pictures later.

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