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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer 2010 -- June 6

VBS starts tonight!!! =DDDD
I can't wait! ^_^

I'm a crew leader this year, as usual. I don't know yet who's in my group or who the other leaders are (two groups go to all of the stations together, and there's one or two leaders per group), but it's always fun. This year the theme is High Seas, so we're dressing up as pirates and sailors and such. I put together a sort of pirate-ish outfit... I wasn't sure if it really looked pirate--y, but my siblings said it looked cool.


Just over a week until my birthday!! ^_^


I played Super Mario 64 yesterday... I apparently have increased my skillz since we had the Nintendo 64 (we have it on our Wii as a download now). I actually got 9 stars in one hour or two of playing (alright, alright, I have no idea how long I played =P Not as long as it would normally take). Usually I'm not all that great. I've been playing too much Mario Galaxy, though. Apparently. Every now and then my hand will jerk out of habit before I realize it. "Wait. Moving the controller does no good. Mario isn't going to spin back onto the ledge after you jump in the wrong direction." =P


I started reading Fruits Basket a few days ago. It's pretty good, once I figured out what was going on =P I knew part of the story because my friends used to read manga, but just the general idea. The dialogue in the first few chapters confused me because it seemed to skip stuff. Idk.


Well, enough of the random updates =P I'll post more later when I actually have something to say!! lol

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Rebeccah said...

lol sounds like my outfit hehe i just mixed random things from my closet XD