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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dishes, church camp, reading...

I hate doing dishes. Well, I guess I don't mind... but there's 7 people in our house. I'm not kidding, almost every time I think I'm done, someone else will bring some more. Yet another reason I don't want kids, or at least not very many. Seriously, I can't imagine being the only person cleaning stuff up... the rest of the house would look horrible cuz I'd have to spend all my time washing dishes! :P Well, more accurately, there would be a huge stack on the counter because I'd load the dishwasher and go do something else til that load is done, like I try to do now :P I come back and the whole other side of the sink is full and running onto the counter, if I forget about them. Yeah, I'm supposed to wash all of them before I go do something else, but I'm a failure... :P


So excited for camp!!!!!! I can't wait! =DDD


I got two more Ted Dekker books at the library yesterday. I read the Circle Trilogy before, now I'm reading Sinner. I also have Saint laying in my floor, and I'll get Showdown afterwards. I'm thinking I'll probably get The Lost Books next (Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, and Chaos).

Well, that's my random moment for the day... :P Don't forget to check out the blogs in my sidebar!

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Haylie said...

Ashley you're my kind of girl! I HATE dishes! Actually, I dont miond washing the pots and pans, but I hat eunloading the dishwasher and IDK why?!?! It's horrible.. prob cause it takes me longer to clean the whole kitchen then! LOL
but i do want some kids LOL!

HAVE FUN AT CAMP (Whenever that is LOL)
and i went to my library yesterday too, but they decided to close early.. losers LOL =] Chosen was a good book seeing as u havent read it yey, i havent gotten tthe other ones yet but i will soon. =] enjoy!