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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Passion, bowling, friends...

Girls!!! Go check out the July issue of Passion Magazine!!!! :)

We went bowling with some of my homeschooled friends today. It was nice seeing everyone again! :) And I actually didn't do too bad bowling, either... well, I got my typical 31 points in the first game, but I managed to get 72 in the second game :D
It was kind of funny when we are standing there getting our shoes... Melissa stared at everyone's feet for a minute. Then I asked her what she was looking at, and she was like "Everyone's wearing the same shoes!!"

I hope everyone's having a good summer!! :) Only a few more days until the 4th of July =DDD


Haylie said...

THAT IS SO KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went bowling for my bday and my friends had the same shoes as me.. but hers were a size larger and we didnt know, so when I put my shoes on I was like they dont fit! Kelise said hers didnt either and then we realized what happened LOL!

Eldarwen said...

So fun!! =D