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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Float trip =D

Yeah, two posts in one day... whatever xP

So excited for the float trip tomorrow/Monday. Kind of annoying that the girls are going swimming at another lady's house and the boys are staying at our youth pastor's house or something again, though. It was more fun when we all just hung out in the same house. But hey, whatever... (But their house is a bit too small for that many people... I understand that.)
Hey, maybe we can convince Shannon to let us swim in the lake this time though... I said something about the pool feeling like bathwater the last time we were there and Rebeccah said something about Romans in a communal bath =P Not that it wasn't fun, it was just more fun when we all went swimming together.

Oh, and apparently we can't wear flip-flops Monday... she told us to wear swimming shoes or old tennis shoes. Yeah, I'm screwed... :P I don't have either of those. My sister took my swimming shoes (not to mention I HATE them!!!!), and the one old pair of Airwalks I have need to last me until I get some new ones. I guess I'll figure something out... *sigh* I mean really, I never wear shoes in a river or creek... I don't even wear any in a nasty lake with trash all in the bottom.
I wonder if she'll kill me if I wear my Airwalks but ditch them when we get in the water? :P Idk... Grrrr...

EDIT: Yay, Mom says she has shoes I can wear. I'm still going to see if I actually have to wear them the whole time though. And I told Jess I'm gonna ride with her in the guys' bus to the river. She always rides with them, so I won't be the only girl there... not that it would bother me if I was (well, except people would probably think it's because of one of the guys, but whatever...). I've been the only girl before, and it was actually more fun than some girls-only stuff is. But, that's entirely unrelated =P


Rebeccah said...

If there's enough room I'll ride with you two :)

Maggie said...

I went on a float trip 3 weeks ago and I hate water shoes, but next year I am taking them no matter how ugly they are! I had to walk on some of the sharpest rocks once the water got shallow and we couldn't float on our boats or in the water any more. It was horrible!

Anyways, enjoy the float trip!