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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"I look like a lobster" doesn't even come close...

I had a friend over yesterday, and we went swimming... or rather, we floated around on the pool mat and inner tube. Yeah, bad idea... I'm really sunburnt now. Not to mention we fell asleep on the trampoline for like 30 minutes... The sunburn from Monday is evened out a bit more now (my shoulders were sunburnt, but not my back) though. Although my guitar strap rubbing my shoulder is NOT comfortable :P If I sunburn instead of tan, it usually doesn't hurt... but when does hurt it really burns. Yup, it's fun. xD

On a lighter note... I get to help with the music for the worship service at camp Thursday morning! =DD Although I've never played guitar or sang in public, and I just learned a couple of the songs yesterday, but whatever. It's not like I'll be up there by myself, and I think it'll be pretty awesome. Camp is always amazing anyway... 4 more days til camp!! =DDD It should be really fun, even if they did change it. I'm just gonna force myself to enjoy it =P

Oh, and I got a new phone yesterday... I had my Rzr for a little over two years, so it was pretty worn out. I've never used an LG before, but I really like this one.
And Mom finally added unlimited txting... I'll probably be updating my Twitter during camp if anyone wants to know how it's going. Not that we're supposed to have our phones, but even the sponsors do, so.... yeah. =P

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Maggie said...

Ehh, I'm sorry about your sunburn. Yikes!

Have fun playing the guitar, I am sure you will do great! :) I didn't know you played the guitar actually.

Horray for a new cell phone! I got a new cell phone and unlimiting texting last summer (thanks mom and dad! hehe). Be careful, texting is really fun as long as it doesn't go out of hand.