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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jesus Camp 2010

Got back from camp today! ^^ I had a ton of fun, and I loved the sermons. I got to play guitar during the worship service Thursday morning. After a couple songs something happened with the guitars (I think mine went out of tune AGAIN >.> Darnded humidity), so I ended up playing one song by myself while Darin and Amanda were singing, but it's cool. Everybody said I did good. I still gotta get my guitar back from them tomorrow, though (there wasn't really room in the church vans :P).
Wyntre got saved Wednesday!! ^^
Thursday we went swimming... rode the bus with the guys and a couple girl friends (er, three girls actually =P) cuz that's how I roll. xD On the way back Dani and Jordan were singing. And Dani was squishing us :P There was a couple curves that we actually fell over (yeah, we don't always wear seatbelts... don't kill me =P), but there was one that was normal and we didn't really move. Until Dani jumped on us. I was laughing so hard xDDD I think Jordan hit his head on the window though.. =P
Learned a new game... called Ninja. Pretty fun, actually. Everyone stands in a circle and tries to hit everyone else's fingers with their hands (like a karate chop-like motion). First hit you lose that arm, second hit you're out. I gotta say, it's hard to play with younger kids 'cause they have tiny hands xD There was one girl from our church that was playing the game with us at the pool, and I kept hitting her palm instead because her fingers were shorter than everyone else's =P
I think we got hollered at by the lifeguards 5 or 6 times for dunking each other =P I thought it was pretty funny, really. Never jump on Dani... I got dunked 3 times by her alone :P And I always managed to be standing where I'd get splashed in the face when my friends started splashing each other.
Wyntre was talking to pretty much everyone and trying to learn their names, and there were a couple kids (er, teens =P) that I started talking to as well Friday. It's pretty cool meeting new people. I'm not opposed to it or anything, but I never really meet new people because I'm not good at the whole randomly-walk-up-to-people-and-say-hi-what's-your-name thing :P
I apparently shouldn't have said anything about not being in the mood to eat a bug Friday night though. Sam found some sort of bug and was scaring a few people with it, then he asked somebody if they'd eat it. I said I would probably eat something like that just to see people's reaction but I didn't really want to at the moment. Wouldn't you know it.... three different bugs almost fell in my mouth when I went back to the dorm :P I killed a gnat that was crawling on the light above my bunk, and it fell pretty close to my mouth. Then I tried knocking a stinkbug off with a piece of paper (ain't no way I was touching that thing =P) and it hit me in the lip. Then later I was looking at a scab on my arm 'cause I'm random like that and some sort of flying bug hit me in the mouth a couple times. Not to mention the moth that was laying on my bed for some reason that I came way too close to squishing with my bare feet... twice. It was insane xD
Apparently some of the guy sponsors played a prank on the guys. They all set their alarms for 3:30 in the morning, then got dressed and threw the lights on and told all the boys to hurry up and pack because they overslept and needed to go eat breakfast. Brad's re-enactment of some of their reactions was hilarious.
I think last night was prank night in general =P I woke up in the middle of the night (well, sometime between 3 and 7 =P) to see two girls on the bunks beside us stringing TP all over the two girls that were sleeping there. One of the pastors came outside and got sprayed with the water hose. The girls who had been to the camp before scared the crud out of the new girls =P Seems like something else happened too, but I can't remember what it was.

There's probably a bunch of stuff that I've forgot too... it was a pretty good 4 days. I'm already excited for next year!! ^^


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