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Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been tagged!

by Blaize! Thanks :)

4 Things found in my bag
My wallet
my DS and games
my Mp3 player
random guitar picks and change

4 Things found in my purse
Purse, bag, same difference... lol (literally... I have a messenger bag for a purse :P)
See above.

4 Favourite things in my room
My guitars
my laptop
my stereo

4 Things I’ve always wanted to do
Hmm... there's nothing I've ever really always wanted to do. My interests change, and really I'm happy with my life. (no, this isn't cheating! What are you talking about? ;)

4 Things I’m currently into
Music!! ♥
spending time with friends

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me
my age... and you won't be finding out now either :P
I actually do own Silly Bandz... for once, I'm not behind in trends :P (however, I only own 14 and don't really plan on buying more. These were band ones so I had to get them :)
my middle finger on my right hand is crooked (yeah... real interesting, huh? :P I'm sorry, I'm boring)
I couldn't beat a person up for my life (well... don't take that literally :P), but I'd threaten to anyway if they were a jerk to one of my friends.

4 Songs I can’t get out of my head
depends on what I've listened to... lots of them stick out to me, and some are just catchy

The four people I tag:
Cornet Crazie, Haylie, Eldarwen, and Taylor

So basically, if I've linked you, you've got to post four things for each of the categories above. Then, you've got to tag four followers to do the "4 Things" post and tell them you've tagged them.

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