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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Three Apples? =P

Gotta love it when my brothers are standing in a little group, and right after my grandpa says something about the Three Stooges, Logan --the baby, who has no idea what's even going on-- reaches up and smacks Ryan in the face.
If you didn't get that, I suggest you go watch The Three Stooges immediately. lol

And I introduced my family to Apples to Apples today ^w^
Mom bought it at Target earlier so we'll have it when me and Ryan invite friends over (and just for fun, of course), so after dinner we got it out and played a game and a half (didn't get to finish because Logan kept grabbing the cards, and ended up falling out of a chair halfway through the second game). Not as epic as when I play with the youth group, but still pretty funny.
We usually joke that whatever green cards you end up with, they describe you (which can be pretty interesting :P). Well, I didn't get too many cards in the first game and I don't remember what they were anyway, but I think these pretty much sum me up:

(yeah... bad picture quality.... my excuse is that I took the picture with my phone =P)

Rofl. I also had Glitzy, but that's more my sister, not me =P

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Rachel B said...

I LOVE playing Apples to Apples! Awesome game! :D