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Monday, September 27, 2010

I had a ton of fun on our youth trip! :D I would have posted yesterday, but I wasn't home most of the day then either, and was still REALLY tired too. For that matter, I'm still pretty tired. And sore. But hey, it was worth it.
There were some pretty funny moments... like random hand checks... which the jr. high kids didn't understand in the least. Molly and Rebeccah probably did that about 20 times during that afternoon :P It was pretty funny, even if it was pointless. Oh, and all 5 or 6 of the jr. high kids decided to have a screaming contest on the way home... that was lovely :P How in the world we ended up with a bus full of jr. high kids I don't know... everyone else decided they wanted to ride the other bus. At least it was the non-annoying kids that came :P (and I mean that in the most loving way possible... but some of them make me wanna scream Dx)

I'd like to know why in the world the weather changed so fast! lol
I was wearing shorts a few days ago, but Saturday evening I was freezing. Sunday I actually remembered to wear a hoodie, and thank goodness I did. I'm sitting here in a long sleeved shirt and jeans now. Not that I mind the cold, I guess, once I get used to it, but this was a bit sudden.
Oh well...

Anybody else do anything fun?


Love Unawakened said...

This weather is AMAZING!!! Glad you had fun on your trip! :)

Nahla said...

Congrats, Ashley! You won 2nd place in my QQ contest! Go to my blog and leave a comment with your specifications on your button.

Nahla said...

I finished making your button, and I posted it on my blog! You can take it any time, or tell me if you want a different one. :)