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Monday, May 23, 2011

I am in awe of pianists who have more skill than me (which is probably most of them).

Recently I decided I wanted to start playing piano again. I didn't want to let 7 years of lessons go to waste, but I didn't have an interest in playing for a while. I think I've touched the piano twice in the past 2 years, before I began learning the song I've been practicing.

I forget what happened, but someone gave me a link to some HTTYD sheet music. I could tell by looking that it was beyond my skill level (though at the time I didn't realize HOW far), but I thought I would try it. I printed out Forbidden Friendship to start with.

It went slowly, since what little skill I have has hid itself in the past couple of years. But, I managed to get through the first two pages, despite the fact (and despite the key signature, which I previously hated). Then I got to page 3. First off, there was another key signature I hated. I had enough trouble with them before, but this was crazy. But of course, that's nothing. I learned it, and I don't have too much trouble with it now. The problem is the run of 16th notes at the top of the page. My fingers refuse to play the notes that fast or that accurate. I think I've drove my family nuts from practicing the song so many times, especially those two measures.

That nearly made me want to tell myself it was too hard and to just give up. You know how badly you want to tell yourself you're an idiot for even trying something new that is probably "too hard"? Especially when you see what the song should really sound like (go to YouTube, and type "httyd forbidden friendship piano", and it's the first video). I swear I may cry XD

I REALLY wanted to give up just now when I got to page 4, and there's a run. A chromatic scale, if I read it correctly (like I said, my skills were/are lacking). It's not just a simple little 8th note run either. No. Thirty-bloody-second notes. This is the point where I know I'll never be able to play it, and why I am in awe of anyone who can. Those were the notes I stared at back when I was taking lessons thinking "People can actually play these?! That's impossible!" I never thought I'd have to try them, and had no desire to whatsoever.

So why *don't* I give up? I like challenges. Maybe I'm naive and should find a challenge that's a bit less, well, challenging. But, I won't. Not without a lot more work, at least. I think it's good to do something that's a bit "too hard". It gives me something to work at, and will hopefully improve my playing. I plan on learning another HTTYD song after this one. Here's to hoping my family doesn't ban me from the piano, and I don't get so sick of my mediocre playing that I give up.

EDIT: It's not even a chromatic scale. Shows how much I know... XD

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Alyssa C. said...

I haven't watched HTTYD yet, but I found the music really beautiful. I'm sure you can do it! Practice really helps. I regret that I did not continue playing the piano. Ahh, well... :)